The official announcement has not been made yet, but possibly in the next few days we will have more details about it.

This program is limited to the first 100.000 users who register through Appleseed and it will certainly be a great opportunity for those users who like to be trendy.   

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Today we bring you fantastic news and is that Apple has decided to launch public betas for their future versions of iOS. The first beta will be for iOS 8.3 and is scheduled to start in March this year. This system will achieve that each version of Apple’s Operating System for mobile devices be released with greater stability and debugging because it will contain an app for the users to send reports about bugs to the developers.  

Apple has already proven this system with their public beta for OSX Yosemite, and after the great results, now is the time for iOS. The betas are not something new, they has always been there, but in a most restrictive matter. Now it will be available for the general user and not only to developers as before.

Is possible that after iOS 8.3 and 8.4 the beta of iOS 9 will release toward summer, aiming to be released with the least amount of bugs possible, achieving greater stability and performance.

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