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What is Project Titan? According to the media, it is a secret project and for now just a rumor circulating through the internet about a possible electric car produced by Apple.

Some well-known media sites such as Bloomberg has even mentioned a release date, which would be in 2020, but the reality is that Cupertino have not even denied or given credence to the news. The "Apple car" concept is still in the air but it certainly would be a dream for many.

Tesla and General Motors are working on some vehicle models similar to the so-called Apple car, but in this case the release date is sometime around 2017. The idea is to produce electric cars able to get a good autonomy, around 200 miles on a single charge.

Some say that Apple initially contacted Tesla Motors for collaboration in producing the electric car of the future. But after the negotiations failed and Apple found out the idea was provoking some interest, they decided to continue alone.

Project Titan

Surely Cupertino will make your future car more than a car, because they know better than anyone that is not just of being the first to arrive, but it's about being the one with the best product at the most suitable moment, as they did with the iPod, iPhone and iPad, reinventing the concepts of MP4, smartphones and tablets, under the apple brand.

Logically, the possible electric vehicle would have great connectivity options, a great design as signature of the house and the latest in technological advances. On the internet we can find drawings and renderings done by amateurs, which show us how this car could be.

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